Challenges facing Charter operators

  • Managing airplane assets
  • Making en-route schedule changes
  • Redirecting flights to accommodate pick-ups
  • Handling flight delays
  • Communicating with aircraft en-route
  • Determining arrival times
  • Keeping alert to pending weather problems

FlyteTrax III Charter Solution

  • Lists: Track specific plane tail numbers
  • Filters: Monitor your plane locations by Operator Code
  • Data Tags: Identify flights as they travel across country
  • Arrival Info: Watch your planes arrive at specific airports and be prepared for delays
  • Detailed Information: Track your planes’ progress to facilitate re-direction
  • Find Flight: Locate a flight in order to send a dispatch through the aircraft communications center
  • Text Window: Find out when a plane has taken off and is due to arrive
  • Weather: Gain visibility of any impending storms

FlyteTrax III™ Benefits

  • Save time: "I can keep track of my planes much easier with FlyteTrax III."
  • Save money: "I’m reducing dead heading now that I’m using FlyteTrax III."
  • Improve customer service: "Thanks to FlyteTrax III I know where my customers are at all times."
  • Be more competitive: "FlyteTrax III helps me provide better service than my competitors."

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